In the home

Let’s get cosy!

As I write, it’s snowing outside and it’s very cold inside. I’ve wacked the fire on in my living room, made a cup of tea and wrapped myself up in a blanket ready to do some work. I’m pretty happy with my set up in here because I’ve spent a long time making it super cosy. I’d thought I’d share with you some of my tips for cosying up your living room:

  1. Candles – not only do candles add to the smell of the room, but they also add to the atmosphere. I’m lucky to have a gas fire where I am but if you don’t I would recommend having even more candles. Even tea lights, although their burning time is short are a great, cheap way to add candles into a room. In my mind a burning fire and candles = ultimate cosy!candle-1candles2
  2. Plants – I took my Christmas tree down on New Years Eve. I needed to clean up after Christmas and I knew that if I didn’t take the Christmas down there and then, my house wouldn’t be be clean. I needed Christmas out! The problem with taking Christmas out, in particlaur the tree, is that I missed the green in my living room. I msised having living things brightening up the place. So I few days into the new year, I hit my local garden centre and bought two plants and a cactus (I already had one I bought from Morrisons but I needed more!). I don’t know the names of the plants but I do know that seeing them every day makes me smile. It just makes everything so fresh! I would really recommend grabbing a couple of plants either from a gardne centre or your local supermarket.plant2plantsplant1plants3
  3. Rugs – I was given this rug for Christmas and it really does make my living room so much more cosy. I feel that it brings the living room together.rug
  4. Pictures – I have nine pictures up in my living room and two photo frames. When I first moved in, it was these that made the room feel like mine, it was no longer just anyones room but it was my room. I inherited a lot of pictures from my Dad who no longer wanted them but even if you just buy one nice picture and slowly build up a collection it will really help. Alternatively, printing off some photos of you and your friends or family and buying a cheap frame will instantly improve a room.
  5. Throws – I have a throw on the back of my sofa because it’s a white sofa and it adds a bit of colour to a room. I also have a blanket and a fleece through to keep me warm in the evening. Blankets are so inexpensive and not only do that make the living room cosy but they also make you cosy in it! throw

A lot of the items I’ve showed you are presents but I’ve included a few details below of the things that I bought or knew where they came from!

  • Musk and Vanilla Candle – Sainsburys
  • Notebooks – Ikea
  • Yellow and grey throw – Ikea
  • Copper coasters – John Lewis
  • Chicken mug – Emma Bridgewater
  • Rug – Laura Ashley

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