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Florence, Italy

Here are 10 things I’ve learnt from my time in Italy so far:

  1. Wine for breakfast is perfectly acceptable. I’m well on my way to coming back an alcoholic.
  2. It is possible to have too many carbs – I am beatable when it comes to the amount of pizza and pasta I can eat. (This point makes me quite sad.)
  3. You don’t have to pay to use the bus. I have been on multiple buses and have yet to buy a ticket or be caught.
  4. They reaaallly like their churches. I think I’ve been in all of them. They’re great but pretty similar…
  5. The tourists of Italy are annoying. (I think this may not be Italy specific.)
  6. The stereotypical hand gestures used when talking are a thing.
  7. If you’re under 25 and from the EU you can get a reduced ticket to museums and galleries!
  8. They really like pizza and pasta, which is difficult because of point 2.
  9. They suck at rugby (I have may have already known this but last Sunday rather proved the point).
  10. Whilst they have lots of them, zebra crossings mean nothing to Italians and they will just drive at you until you move.

[Whilst on my way to Florence, I also learnt that the Italians call Florence, Firenze. It took me way too long to work out why there weren’t any trains to Florence.]

I find the travelling days the most stressful. I think it’s either because it tires me out too much or because my bag is too heavy, or because I have to work out where everything is again even though I already did that two days ago! Arriving in Florence was no exception and this wasn’t helped by the poor Hostel signage (nothing to do my poor looking skills). Once I did eventually find the entrance I realised just how great the location was so that cheered me up. I also found Mercato Centrale, an indoor food market, so that also lifted my mood as well.

Once settled, I tried really hard to find food that wasn’t either pizza or pasta. I also decided to give up sugar for lent so I was on the lookout for fruit stalls and places that sold salad. I’m not sure I’m going to last the entirety of lent (mainly because next week I’m going on a patisserie course so sugar is definitely going to be on the menu) but I’m going to try as best I can.

I visited all the galleries and churches that I was supposed to in Florence. I saw Michelangelo’s David, I went up the Duomo and I saw the Botticelli in the Uffizi but I think I may have overdone the site seeing as all the art and the churches and statues started to merge into one.

Here are some pictures:


Where I stayed: Academy Hostel – difficult to find but great location and lovely staff.

Currently reading: Gloria Steinem’s My life on the road – it’s making me rethink the kind of life I’m living and that maybe travelling is ultimately good for you.IMG_6566

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