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Pisa and Lucca, Italy

Last weekend my brother and sister-in-law came out to stay with me for a few days. The weather was a bit miserable but that didn’t stop us getting out and about and exploring the area.


Once you’ve seen the leaning tower (…of pizza, according to my hilarious brother – how did they build a tower out of pizza?) you’ve pretty much seen the best bit of Pisa. We did, however, have a wander around the busy streets, soaked up the Saturday Carnivale action, popped into a few galleries and ate some mediocre gelato (this just meant we had to have more somewhere else). We also had an explore of the Botanical gardens (apparently the oldest in the world) and admired their very impressive cacti, and we had a very delicious meal at Osteria Dei Cavalieri, although four courses may have been a bit extravagant! IMG_6466IMG_6467IMG_6469IMG_65022


We hired a car on Sunday so that we could go and see Pisa’s next door neighbour, Lucca. I think Lucca is the more attractive town, with it’s imposing wall forming its border – it may have also helped that we had an amazing pizza at Pizzeria Sbragia for lunch and we found some super yummy gelato in a shop that sold chocolate, ice cream and wine (I know! I wish I could remember where it was, though) in the afternoon!IMG_6493IMG_6491IMG_6485IMG_6489IMG_6478

And finally:

Where we stayed – Grand Hotel Duomo, Pisa. It was good value for money and you could see the tower from the balcony so location wise, pretty perfect!

Top tip – use the google maps app to look up restaurant reviews, that way you can see how many actual Italians have been and left good reviews.



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